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Block 19 Ramp

The Block 19 Parking Ramp is part of a larger transportation and parking network that makes the City of Saint Paul more vital and pedestrian-oriented by providing motorists with improved parking within a convenient walk to businesses and housing.

The new eight-level parking ramp includes:
  • 1,028 public parking spaces for both long-term and hourly parking
  • Planning for a skyway connection to the Metro Square Building
  • A secure environment for parking patrons
  • 1,200 sf of street level retail space
  • A design that complements the surrounding turn-of-the-century warehouse neighborhood

CDG provided architectural design for the ramp, which is owned by the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of the City of Saint Paul.

Block 19 Ramp Block 19 Ramp Block 19 Ramp Block 19 Ramp Block 19 Ramp Block 19 Ramp

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