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Armstrong House

Built in 1886, the historic John Armstrong House was located at Cleveland Circle, near the entertainment district of downtown St. Paul, until November, 2001. Over a period of seven days, the 900 ton brick house was transported a half-mile to its new site near the Historic Irvine Park neighborhood.

As consultants to the city, Collaborative Design Group analyzed over 14 sites as possible locations for the house. The candidate sites were considered on a number of factors including distance of the move, historicity of the proposed neighborhoods, availability of the land, and conditions of other surrounding buildings.

The team selected the site formerly known as the Plastics Incorporated parking lot. The City owned the land, and the property was about five blocks away in the Irvine Park area. The move achieved three important goals: it saved a historic building, it freed up an important piece of real estate in downtown St. Paul, and it restored to use a vacant piece of land on the edge of a historic neighborhood. Once the house was relocated, the restoration design was completed. A new foundation was constructed, exterior façade improvements completed, and a new slate roof installed.

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