Collaborative Design Group Creative Thinking... Thoughtful Solutions
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Collaborative Design Group is a name carefully considered to reflect our fundamental belief that the design process is a collaborative effort, with our clients as integral members of the project team. We believe that the success of your project is dependent on the knowledge and resources of many groups of people.  It is our goal to assemble the most appropriate and talented individuals to meet your specific needs. 

CDG provides an extensive range of services including full architectural design, master planning, programming, space planning, interior design, structural engineering, historic preservation, and building pathology. The passion and excitement of our diverse staff for these types of work is noticeable in our work.

What makes CDG different?  Creative Thinking…Thoughtful Solutions

Our profession is all about creative problem solving.  While the employees at CDG challenge all team members to think creatively to develop interesting and exciting designs, we realize that creativity does not always satisfy all requirements.  Our team understands that the most important component of problem solving is thinking about how to combine a creative design with functionality, affordability, practicality, and efficiency.  Creative thinking and thoughtful solutions will make your project successful.

Architecture • Engineering • Historic Preservation • Interiors • Planning